System And Network Administrator Job 2019

System And Network Administrator Job 2019

System And Network Administrator Job 2019

What are we looking for?

The ability to manage the technical coordination activities relating to our customers.
Strong knowledge in Linux system administration and troubleshooting (we’re mainly using Debian)
Minimal knowledge of the major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP)
Strong knowledge in system deployment and automated deployment (ansible)
Virtual servers support – XEN and KVM.
Experience with open source products supports development and implementation.
Good knowledge and understanding of TCP/IP networking, routing, services, protocols: Http, FTP, SMTP, ssh, DNS, proxy.
Previous experience in the VoIP field is a plus. Experience with an asterisk and/or Freeswitch would be a major asset.
Strong capacity to deploy new products, in a rapidly evolving and challenging technical environment.
Interpersonal skills for providing smooth customer service together with the ability for rapid problem identification, analysis, and resolution.

What is our technological universe for System And Network Administrator Job 2019?

Linux systems (mainly Debian)
Web servers (Nginx)
VoIP (FreeSWITCH, asterisk)
Databases (PostgreSQL)
Languages (python, bash, shell script, etc.)
Automated deployment (ansible)

What will you do for System And Network Administrator Job 2019?

Being part of an international team, you will put your system and network expertise at the service of our customers.
You will manage the deployment, support, and enhancements of our solution, being used by some major players. Your role is to guarantee customers the accessibility to their platform even during unforeseen events that may disrupt the proper functioning of our solution.
You will assist customers in all circumstances, guide them in their various requests and meet company commitments and service level agreements.
Based in Dubai, you will work in an international environment, having colleagues located in Europe, India, and Sri-Lanka. Excellent communication skill is a prerequisite.

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