Water Balance and Leak Detection Supervisor 2019

Water Balance and Leak Detection Supervisor 2019

Water Balance and Leak Detection Supervisor 2019:

Job Description For Water Balance and Leak Detection Supervisor 2019:

The role of the water balance and leak detection supervisor is to assist the engineer of water loss and leak detection section in carrying water balance and routine leak detection in the district metered areas (DMAs) in the entire network and assist in attending to complaints of leaks as and when required by the engineer. He shall effectively control, monitor, plan, direct and supervise the water balance and leak detection team under his charge and ensure the proper execution of the activities tasked to the water balance and leak detection team and achieve results.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

• Prepare a proper program for the water balance or leak detection team to effectively cover all the DMAs (about 120 DMAs) within three years from commencement.
• Ensure that all activities of water balance, leak detection and attending to complaints are carried out in accordance to the procedures and flow chart as set out by the engineer.
• Prepare excel sheet and drawings for the proper readings of the customers meters in each DMA for water balance purpose.
• Prepare proper layout drawings for the effective deployment of noise loggers in each DMA and checking for leaks in every connection
• Liaise with the maintenance and operations teams to carry out zero pressure test for the selected DMA.
• Use the water management suite for leak monitoring by SCADA and selection of DMA for water balance and leak detection.
• Conversant in the proper reading all types of meters and possess skills in the use of all the available leak detection equipment in the section such as noise loggers, with or without GSM, correlating loggers, ground microphone, flow and pressure data loggers, listening sticks and etc…
• Prepare a water balance for each DMA on an excel sheet and submit report and findings to the engineer
• Supervise the leakage inspection of large diameter water mains using smart ball technology
• Capture the GIS coordinates of leaks and meter using GPS survey equipment
• Carry out drop tests to check for leaks in reservoirs pumping system (RPS)
• Register district meter consumption using Insertion Probes meters, Ultrasonic meters and Electromagnetic full-bore meters
• Download the data recorded by the noise loggers and prepare an action list to identify and pinpoint suspected leaks using all available equipment.
• Liaise with the section in charge of metering to fix the faulty meters.
• Coordinate with the maintenance section to repair all visible and invisible leaks found within the period stipulated by the engineer.
• Monitor and report the key performance indicator of the staff under his charge in terms of the number of meters read, number of logger deployed and retrieved, and number of visible and invisible leaks found and repaired per month, and volume of water saved.
• Responsible for all the staff under his charge and maintain the equipment in safe and working conditions at all times.
• Compiles notes, submit reports, sketches, and records of meters read, noise loggers installed, connections checked, visible and invisible leaks found and repaired, and all work performed by the team.
• Report on the findings concerning unmetered customers, faulty meters and illegal connections in the customer’s database and liaise with the relevant section for updating and replacement.
• Liaise with the laboratory section to take water samples to check on the water quality.
• Directs work of subordinate members of the water balance and leak detection team.
• Performs other duties relating to water balance and leak detection work as directed by the engineer.

Installation / Maintenance / Operations / Repair

Desired Candidate Profile

Qualification Requirements:

• Engineering Degree or Technical Diploma in an engineering discipline

Job Experience

• Engineering Degree with 5 years’ experience or Technical Diploma with 10 years’ experience in an engineering environment
Work Environment
• 50% Site Supervision, 50% Office work.

Other Significant Requirements:

• Possess leadership skills and initiative to command and control the water balance and leak detection team.
• Shall be in the age group of 30-40 years and shall be available on call after duty hours.
• Must have State of Qatar Driving License.
• Ability to work fast with the computer and have knowledge of the latest version of the basic computer software and GIS for preparing drawings, submitting reports and analyzing results.
• Have good command of English Language and be able to read, write, and speak in the language. Has effective writing and oral presentation skills.
• Have a keen attitude for operating leak detection and associated equipment and able to quickly acquire skills in using and maintaining new leak detection equipment with computer interface.
• Has good initiative and able to work independently and motivate his team to achieve results. Communicate effectively with technical and non- technical individuals at lower and higher levels.
• Work effectively with others as part of a team, build consensus and maintain cooperative working relationships.
• Has creative problem-solving abilities and personal initiative, including the ability to carry out assignments with minimum supervision
• Physically fit and able to work long hours in harsh weather conditions when necessary.
• Has general awareness of Health & Safety requirements.

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